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Forage Legume Seed

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This is an excellent example from Pennington of a plot mix that overlaps the maturities of different plant species, creating a nearly constant forage availability. 

Game Plot Seed

Greencastle Forage Soybeans

Greencastle soybeans were selected for tall, vigorous growth, lodging resistance, and forage quality and production. . Greencastle is a tall growing maturity Group VI forage soybean with resistance to southern stem canker disease. It has good lodging resistance. Plant at a rate of 50 lbs per acre...


Chicory is perennial herb forage and is highly nutritional for the summer and fall feeding. An excellent forage for deer and withstands heavy grazing. Chicory has a deep taproot and is very drought resistant and is high in mineral as well as protein content. Plant rate at 5-7 lb. per acre at a...

Korean Lespedeza

Attracts: Dove, Quail;  Type: Annual;  Sow: Febuary to March;  Seeding Rate: 20-25lb per Acre Alone, Mixtures 6-10lb;  Seeding Depth: .5";

Hairy Vetch

Attracts: Deer;  Type: Annual;  Sow: August to October;  Seeding Rate: 20-30lb per Acre Alone, 15-20lb in Mixtures;  Seeding Depth: 2-4";

Iron Clay Cow Peas

Attracts: Deer, Dove, Quail;  Type: Annual;  Sow: May to July;  Seeding Rate: 40-60lb per Acre;  Seeding Depth: 1-2.25";


Attracts: Deer, Turkey;  Type: Annual;  Sow: March to July;  Seeding Rate: 30lb per Acre


Attracts: Deer, Turkey, Quail, Dove, Duck;  Type: Annual;  Sow: June to July;  Seeding Rate: 36-48lb per Acre Alone;  Seeding Depth: 1-1.5";

Austrian Winter Peas

Attracts: Deer, Turkey;  Type: Annual;  Sow: March to April and September to October;  Seeding Rate: 60lb per Acre Alone, Mixtures 40lb;  Seeding Depth: 1-2";  

Bulk Purpletop White Globe Turnip

Sold by the pound or 50lb bag. 

Sugar Beet

Sold by the pound or 50lb bag.  Sugar beets are an increasingly popular food plot choice for wildlife enthusiasts and can also serve as a feed source for livestock. Tops can be foraged and can be used in a silage combo. Highly productive, these large beets are excellent sources of protein,...