White Tail

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Recipe for Homemade Deer Attractant 

1ea 50lb bag of Di-cal Phosphate

3ea 50lb bags of TM Ag Salt or White Ag Salt


This 200lb mix ends up costing less than $50 at the time of publish.  The mix should be put down early in the year to help with antler growth.  The di-cal phosphate ingredient has the correct proportion of calcium and phosphate to make bone.  This is the same main ingredient in the mass market deer attactants.  The deer are drawn to the mix when the phosphate gets wet because the smell will carry in the wind.  About 10 to 12lb of mix can be put in a hole in the ground about 3 foot in diameter and 6 inches deep.  The mix should be worked in with the dirt.  Mud puddles can be an almost instant success. 

White Tail Attractants

Big & J Block 25lb

The B & J cube's intense aroma will bring deer in from far away, and contains both the nutrients the deer crave and the protein deer need for optimal antler growth.  Customers have found this block to work great especially drawing deer into the area. 

Corn-A-Plenty Block 25lb

A nutritional supplement for deer, turkeys and other wildlife, Southern States Rainshed Corn-A-Plenty Wildlife Block provides essential protein, energy, minerals, trace minerals and vitamins important for growth of deer and antler development of bucks.