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Dare has a tool can be very helpful choosing materials and getting ready for all types of fencing projects and this link will take you there: www.dareproducts.com/fence-designer

Fencing Products

Wire Tap

Available in various counts, and gauges.  The taps are handy when used to connect hook-up, grounding and jumper wires to the fence line. Trouble-free connections can be made quickly and easily. Not a splice.

Crimp Sleeve

Available in various count packages and in extended lengths.  Crimp size #1-2 is used with 14ga or 16ga wire smooth wire, #2-3 is used for 12.5ga smooth wire, #3-4 is used for 10-11ga smooth wire or 14-15.5ga barbed wire. 

4 Slot Crimping Tool

Four slot hand tool to press sleeves DP 1-2 thru DP 4-5 and fence taps DPT 3-4 and DPT 4-5. Our best selling tool.

Brace Pin

3/8" x 10" galvanized brace pins are used in wooden brace construction for joining wooden or steel cross members to wooden brace posts. Hanging cross members on brace pins provides a stronger, longer lasting and more sturdy brace than using nails or screws.

Brace Wire

Used for wood baces, tying, hanging, among other things.  Offered in class 1 and 3 zinc coatings, and 9 and 11 gauge. 

Wood Posts

All posts have the maximum amount of salt treatment .40CCA.  Post come in various lengths and diameter. 

Boards - Rough Cut 1"x6"x16'

Treated Pine Boards