Fruit Fungicide

Fruit Fungicide

Dithane F-45

DITHANE F-45 Rainshield is a high quality mancozeb contact fungicide with broad registrations on over 30 vegetable, fruit, field, vine and specialty crops. The product provides broad spectrum activity with no resistance problems. Lab tests show this.  Active Ingredient: 37% Mancozeb.

Eagle 20EW

EAGLE 20EW is a systemic, protectant and curative fungicide for disease control in turf grasses (including golf course fairways, roughs, tee boxes and greens), landscape ornamentals, greenhouse and nursery ornamentals, apples stonefruit and grapes.  Active Ingredient: 19.7% Myclobutanil.

Captan 50WP

CAPTAN 50W is a wettable powder fungicide used for control of various plant fungal diseases and as a soil treatment for the control of certain seed rots and damping-off diseases. Captan 50W has multisite mode of action that gives broad spectrum of activity to reduce resistance and it can be...

Flint 50WG

FLINT's active ingredient is trifloxystrobin 50%. It is a strobilurin fungicide with unique locked-in activity. A broad-sprectrum foliar fungicide for use on a wide range of crops. It is particularly effective against powdery mildew and leaf and fruit spots in crops such as pome fruit, grapes and...

Manzate Pro-Stick

MANZATE PRO STICK is a fungicide used to control many important plant diseases in vegetable crops and apple and banana trees. Active Ingredient: 75% Mancozeb.

Rally 40WSP

RALLY 40W fungicide is a member of the sterol inhibitor (SI) class of fungicides. It controls a broad-spectrum of diseases, including powdery mildew and scab, and is labeled for pome and stone fruits and many annual crops.  Active Ingredient: 40% Myclobutanil.

Agri-Mycin 17

Not actually a fungicide but used to combate disease.  Agricultural streptomycin antibiotic (protectant bactericide) for the control of certain bacterial diseases, e.g. suppresses apple and pear fire blight.  Active Ingredient: 22.4% Streptomycin Sulfate.