Woven Wire Field Fence

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Woven wire fence is used for many different species of livestock to keep animals out of roads, keep out predators, as corrals and holding pins, cross fencing, and perimeter fencing.  Woven wire comes with a class 1 zinc coating, a class 3 zinc coating, and an zinc-aluminum coating.  Class 1 wire will rust in about 5 years.  Class 3 shouldn't rust for 15-20 years.  ZA coating is duller than class 3 zinc but generally has a longer rust free guarantee than class 3.  Woven wire also comes in standard and high tensile.  High tensile has the same advantages as other high tensile fences in that line posts can be much further apart.  The wire comes in a wide variety of spacings, lengths, and heights.  Spacings are usually designed for specific livestock.  The smallest common spacing is 2" left to right by 4" up and down and the largest common spacing is 24"x6".  Woven wire normally comes in 100', 200', 330', and 660' depending on the wire spacing.  For beef cattle, using 660' woven wire with 12" spacing can rival the low cost of traditional high tensile wire and it is said that the wire with 24" spacing is actually cheaper. 


For more information on how to install, including videos, please see:  staytuff.com/StepsChecklist.asp

To download a PDF guide, please see: staytuff.com/PDF/Stay-Tuff%20Installation%20Guide%20final%20Oct%2013.pdf