High Tensile Fence

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Touted as the cheapest fence per foot because of the long distances between wooden posts.  Essentially a high tensile fence is a heavy duty electric fence.  Often they are spring loaded, preventing fallen trees from breaking the wire and allowing the fence to bounce back into place after the tree is cut away.   High tensile fences are almost always electrified.


For a great basic guide, please follow the link and then open the first pdf link on the right side of the page:  www.dareproducts.com/fence-designer/high-tensile/


High Tensile Fence

Hight Tensile Wire Cutter

Specially hardened jaws designed to cut 12 gauge high tensile wire. Pocket size 9 inch overall length.

Wire Bending Tool

Used to spin, bend, splice and dice high tensile wire. Also use to bend T Post and batten clips. 7/16 inch diameter x 5 inch zinc plated steel tool. Three holes drilled.