Poultry Animal Health

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Poultry De-Wormer

Wazine 17%

A liquid wormer containing 17 percent piperazine for use in drinking water for the control of large roundworms in chickens and turkeys, large rondworms and nodular worms in swine, large roundworms in dogs and cats, and large roundworms, strongles and small strongyles and pinworms in horses.

Poultry Antibiotic

Tetroxy HCA-280

Requires a Veterinary Feed Directive (VDF).  TETROXY HCA SOLUBLE POWDER 280 GRAMS - Antibiotic for use on chickens, turkeys and pigs.  Package contains 102.4g of oxytetracycline HCI and will make 512 gallons at 200mg, 128 gallons at 800mg.  It has a similar label to Terra-Vet 10 but...

Terra-Vet 10 Soluble Powder 6.4oz

Requires a Veterinary Feed Directive (VDF).  Terra-Vet 10 Tetracycline Hydrochloride Soluble Powder Antibiotic for use in drinking water for swine, calves and poultry. Each 6.4 oz. package contains 10g of tetracycline hydrochloride activity.  Indicated for the control of chronic...

Sulmet Solution 16oz & 1gal

An oral solution of 12.5% sulfamethazine sodium added to drinking water.  In chickens for Infectious coryza, coccidiosis, acute fowl cholera, and pullorum disease. In turkeys for coccidiosis. 

Poultry Coccidiostat

Di-Methox Soluble Powder 3.77oz

For broiler and replacement chickens only: for the treatment of disease outbreaks of coccidiosis, fowl cholera, and infectious coryza.  Administer at a .05% drinking water concentration.  Makes 50 gallons.  For meat producing turkeys only: for the treatment of disease outbreaks of...