Turf Seed

Seeding a lawn can be tricky.  The secret to the quality of grass seed is knowing how to read the label.  The secret to the success of the seed is in the application.  The application process should drive the seed choice as much as any variable.  Given you have that, the choice of the seed should meet the conditions.  The conditions are dominated by weather: where germination depends on soil temperature, survival depends on moisture, and growth depends on light.  Timing is everything and luck plays its part.  


While starting seed always has a risk, you should be able to limit most of the gamble.  It's most important to first look at the effort of establishment, especially in the case overseeding because fast fixes are available, long fixes are too, and they depend on the correct application.  There is a little give and take on the longevity among perienials.  Annuals, not perienials,  are used for shading new seedlings and to stop mud from washing and will die in less then 1 year.  Fertilizers can get complicated, but its much easier than you think and nitrogen isn't what you want in most cases. There are alot of myths out there like areation overseedings that have the worst cost to return, while you could use perienial seed type over the top that would make a stand successfully with the least effort provided.  However effort is the secret for most solutions especially for initial establishment.


Here at Coleman Farm Supply, we have an agronomy background and will be happy to help you do whatever you are looking to do and we know local contrators that we can get you in contact with if you should want them.  We believe that you can be successful especially when you let the seed choice cater to you when you have time to cater to the seed.