We carry many hard to find fertilizer ingredients and combinations. 

Garden Fertilizers

Fertilizers like 5-10-10 or a similar ratio are recommended for most garden plants, because most of those plants are dicots,  and are more like clovers.  However some plants are monocots and require higher nitrogen fertilizers like grasses do.  Corn is the most common example and it would require a fertilizer more like 10-10-10 or a similar ratio. 


Phosphate is important for setting blooms and good yeilds.  Please see the Bulk Fertilizer and Bulk Lime tab for more information on basic soil fertility and soil sampling. :


For a broad over view please see this article:



For a specific crop please see this manual, and the fertilizer requirements will be given in pounds of actual plant food units:




Garden Fertilizers of Interest

34-0-0 SuperKicker Plus

A combination of urea and ammonium sulfate.  Nutrisphere is used to coat the urea and prevent it from evaporating or more correctly volatizing.  This product also contains 10% sulfur. 

10-10-10 Vegetable Grower

This fertilizer has a low chlorine content to prevent burn, uses AVAIL to make phosphate more available and includes the micronutrients: calcium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, iron, manganese, and zinc. 

6-12-18 Tobacco Fertilizer

Very popular for tomatoes.  This product uses potassium sulfate which doesn't contain chloride and also contains minor ingredients like boron. 

13-0-0 Nature Safe Organic Pelleted Fertilizer

OMRI certified organic and is an excellent nutrition foundation for higher volume areas. Its high N all natural and organic fertilizer, 92% W.I.N provides ideal homogenized blending base with other fertilizer ingredients. Provides flexibility to custom formulate-OMRI listed .


Azomite is an all natural mineral product mined in central Utah.  It is rich in trace minerals with more than 70 trace minerals, giving a big boost in fruit and vegetable yield, flowering, and overall health and vigor of plants.  Azomite is certified organic.