Sevin XLR PLus

Sevin XLR Plus sets the standard for broad-spectrum insecticides. It offers ease of application, short PHI, no phytotoxicity, and 12-hour re-entry. Plus, Sevin is one of the most environmentally responsible pesticides you can use.  Active Ingredient: 44.1% Sevin. 

Warrior II

This is restricted use.  WARRIOR II with ZEON Technology provides growers an excellent insecticide investment, that delivers the broadest spectrum of control on primary and secondary insect pests on crops such as, cole crops, lettuce, corn, cotton, peanuts, rice,soybeans, tomatoes and wheat....


MALATHION 5EC is an insecticide and miticide used for the control of pests on abroad range of crops.  Active Ingredient: 57% Malathion.