Alfalfa 428RR 50lb.

A RoundUp Ready variety.  428RR ALFALFA - is one of the latest generation Genuity Roundup Ready varieties that lets you produce cleaner, higher quality alflafa for greater profit potential. 428RR performs well over a wide range of environmental conditions and is adapted to all areas where 3, 4 and 5 fall dormancy varieties are planted. This variety also features a disease index rating of 30/30 and high multifoliate leaf expression for improved forage quality. Al l 428RR alfalfa seed is 34% ALL-VANTAGE coated and enhanced with incoculant, fungicide, AquaBond water absorbing polymer and NUTRI-START micronutrients. Characteristics: Fall Dormancy = 4, Winter Survival = 2, Recovery After Cutting = Very Fast. Use 12-15 lbs per acre. NOTE: 428RR ALFALFA HAS A TECHNOLOGY FEE THAT MUST BE BILLED SEPARATELY TO THE GROWER. DEALER MUST HAVE AGREEMENT ON FILE FOR ORDER TO PROCESS.