Coleman Farm Supply, Inc.

Welcome to our website.  We are small community agricultural store serving local farmers, gardeners, and home owners.  If you are using a mobile devise, please use the desktop site link to access our menu.  Our website is under construction, but a lot of links are already branched out, a lot unfinished, but it will be difficult to get the breakdowns and the science of the site from a mobile.  We hope that our provider can make the menu more accessible; in the meanwhile, we will try to add links in the verbiage to allow mobile users to jump hopefully to the section of interest.  Information and correction will be slow, so please just call or come in to see us if you are not able to get to the right section or the information has not been posted.  Please leave a comment about what you were looking for and we will try to make it a priority to get that subject addressed.  Thank you for taking the time to look at our Web page. Please note that we do not offer delivery or shipping at this time.


Southern States Cooperative®

Southern States Cooperative® began in 1923.  While many things have changed over the years, the core ideas have remained the same.  Southern States Cooperative® is a core ag and service store.  Experts, including nutritionist and agronomist, are available to all Southern States stores and their customers.  High levels of training are made available to employees.  Customer service and know how are all a part of what Southern States Cooperative® is and will always be.  Southern States has a much bigger story that can be found here:


Their website is a great  source for all kinds of information and it's homepage link can be found here: